I want to build the best Keyword Tool. And I have replicated nearly all of best features that I have found. A few are still missing but I have good news: I am actively working on these issues below. Maybe with the next release of KPP, we can abandon this list. Stay tuned.

Extended Historical Search Volume

Currently, it is possible to see last 12-month historical search volume. However, it will be best if we can see all historical search volume in the last 10 years even. This approach is quite refreshing for any users in SEO community. Therefore, I decided to add this feature in the next release.

Keep an eye on #1.

User to create & save any keyword list

Currently, users cannot save the selected keywords into a list. They have to export every keyword to a CSV file. This feature request is about letting users create a list and store the keywords to the list. Users should be able to create any list they want, add or remove keywords from the list and retrieve the list back at any time. Advantage: users can see a summary of different metrics based on the keywords in the list. It will inform users to see the potential and competition from a summary perspective.

Keep an eye on #2.


Did you find a bug or you would like to suggest a new feature? I’m open for feedback. Please open a new issue and let me know. Or you can take a look at all the issues and vote based on your interest.

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